IP2C (IPs to Country)

Plugin to resolve IPs to country through IP2C free service.

  • joomla 3.8
  • virtuemart 3.2
  • Plugin: System
IP2C (IPs to Country)
2017-09-02 13:02

Changelog for „IP2C (IPs to Country)”

Actual version

1.1.02017-09-02 13:02
  • Refactoring of programing code in the plugin.
  • Fixed a problem with missing country value in address forms in some cases.

Older versions

1.0.22016-12-23 15:45
  • Added initialization of VM Config.
  • Fixed an error (vmText self::$languages has no #0 vmText::_() called at ...) on some of websites with VM upon entry to the site.
1.0.12016-03-09 17:39
  • Plugin redirects page after a success detection only when cookies are enabled (prevention of infinite redirects for robots).
1.0.02015-11-27 12:48

This product is offered to registered customers COMPLETELY FREE and can be found in the Subscriptions section.

As with all other of our extensions we offer online documentation, basic technical support and the extension includes an automatic check for updates.


Plugin translates the IP address of the website's visitor to the country to which the address belongs and stores this information for further processing (eg. for pre-populating the country of customer in the VirtueMart).

Main features

  • For translation is used a free web service ip2c.org and it's not necessary to install and continually update a local database of IP addresses.
  • The translation is performed only when a visitor first access to a web page (not repeatedly on each page).
  • After the successful translation of an IP address, the information is temporarily stored in the database (cache) for future use without re-loading from the web service.
  • After the successful translation of an IP address, country information is processed according to the configuration of the plugin. Actualy is only one action implemented - the value of the country is pre-populated into the customer's address in the VirtueMart (if the value is not set) - but if necessary, there is no problem to extend the functionality.
  • In the configuration of the plugin can be entered an IP address to test the functionality. This can be useful in a case of web development on a local PC (where you usually have private address like or to verify an accuracy of the translation.

Common features and properties for all our products

  • The extension is free software licenced under the GNU/GPLv3.
  • The extension is easy to install through Extension Manager in the Joomla! and works out of the box.
  • The extension automatic checks new updates through Extension Manager in the Joomla! (an automatic installation of new versions through Joomla! is not possible for now - it's needed to download and install a new version of the extension manualy).
  • No text hardcoded in the program code! We use own language fileS for all texts which can be override and customized by native way of Joomla!.
  • No core hacks in the Joomla! code or in the code of other extensions.
  • The extension is fully compatible with all our other extensions!


We always test our extensions in the latest stable version of Joomla! and VirtueMart, so we always recommend to continuously update. The extension will probably work as well in older versions, but unfortunately it's not in our power to maintain and test all our extensions in all historically released versions.

  • Joomla!: 2.5.x (support ended on 1.1.2018), 3.9.x
  • VirtueMart: 2.6.x (support ended on 1.1.2018), 3.4.x
  • PHP: 5.3.x - 5.5.x (support ended on 1.1.2018), 5.6.x, 7.0.x, 7.1.x, 7.2.x