One Page Checkout for VirtueMart

The plugin with improved One Page Checkout for VirtueMart.

  • joomla 3.10
  • virtuemart 4.0 & 3.8
  • plugin: system
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One Page Checkout for VirtueMart
2023-06-20 12:18

Changelog for „One Page Checkout for VirtueMart”

Actual version

1.22.12023-06-20 12:18
Newly tested compatibility
  • VirtueMart
Other tested compatibility
  • Joomla! 3.10.11
  • PHP 8.2.4
  • Fixed a problem with processing of ajax requests in VirtueMart 4.0.22.

Older versions

1.22.0Free2023-04-05 20:47
Newly tested compatibility
  • VirtueMart
  • Modifications for compatibility with VirtueMart 4.0.12.
  • Removal of the button to remove the coupon on the confirmation page.
  • Minor modification in CSS.
  • Cleaning unnecessary code in plugin.
  • Removed all index.html files in plugin.
  • * compatibility with the latest versions of VirtueMart 3 has been preserved for now
1.21.12Free2023-04-03 19:17
Newly tested compatibility
  • PHP 8.2.4
  • Removed stripSlashes_byPV() method due to removed functionality around "magic_quotes_gpc" in PHP 8.x.
1.21.11Free2023-03-16 23:57
Newly tested compatibility
  • Joomla! 3.10.11
  • VirtueMart
  • PHP 7.4.33
  • Fixed a problem with sending an order (it was not possible to go to confirmation in checkout) in some specific cases (usually after log in when the cart content was loaded from DB).
  • Fixed a problem with overwriting (usually clearing) hidden billing fields when creating order.
  • Removed custom message about exceeding the maximum amount of products in stock (it was already fixed in VM some time ago, which caused the message to appear twice).
  • If the Shopperfield of the checkbox type is not checked, the value "0" is now sent from the form.
1.21.10Free2019-06-03 15:36
  • Fixed a problem with display of messages from Joomla! in wrong coded templates.
1.21.9Free2019-05-28 14:43
  • Minor fix of NOTICEs after order confirmation when "Autofill hidden fields" option is used.
1.21.8Free2019-05-17 13:18
  • Modified behavior - from now, the VM option "oncheckout_only_registered" has no effect on displaying the registration form on checkout page.
  • Fixed REQUIRE flag for customer's registration fields after change in VM 3.4.5 (change was in revision 10034).
1.21.7Free2019-01-23 13:57
  • Fixed incorrect prefilling of fields in the new delivery address with values ​​from the previously selected delivery address.
1.21.6Free2018-12-13 23:23
  • Fixed a problem with displaying HTML output from plug-ins (if they use a new way) in Order Done layout in VM >= 3.2.6.
  • Fixed loading of correct layout for the Order Done page (changed in VM 3.2.6 from order_done.php to orderdone.php)!!!
1.21.5Free2018-11-26 23:52
  • Added refresh of the checkout page after succesfull login of user. This is suitable for updating modules displayed on the checkout page and it solves the problem when using the New Privacy Tool Suite in Joomla! 3.9 (a redirection to the user's profile will be made after login of user who has not given consent).
1.21.4Free2018-10-10 13:00
  • Fixed an error during checkout "Too few arguments to function VirtueMartModelState::testStateCountry()" in VM >= 3.2.15 in combination with PHP >= 7.1.
  • Added missing messages about user registration after ordering.
1.21.3Free2018-09-18 19:57
  • Fixed and improved behaviour around tracking of fields.
  • Fixed a problem of filtering shipments in some of complex case when changing between shipments with/without allowed shipping address along with changing billing/shipping country.
1.21.2Free2018-09-12 19:23
  • Fixed minor problem with remembering default values in NEW delivery address.
1.21.1Free2018-06-18 17:56
  • Fixed issue when removing product from cart.
1.21.0Free2018-06-01 13:52
  • CHANGES IN LAYOUTS: default_address_fields.php, default_change_shopper_bypv.php, default_product_list_bypv.php, default.php (BIG CHANGE!!!)
  • CHANGES IN CSS: If you use your own CSS styles for OPC design, beware of the removed @import from all CSS scripts in the plugin and other major changes to CSS entries (at least you need to replace the selector form#bypv_cart for #bypv_cart in all custom CSS entries)!
  • Added form to change customer groups when an administrator is logged.
  • Added support for custom "preview value" in userfield of type "custom" on the OPC's confirmation page (language constant format: PLG_SYSTEM_OPC_FOR_VM_BYPV_USERFIELD_{field_name}_VALUE_{field_value}="any text").
  • Added a new value "Name (without a product link)" into columns configuration in Product List (layout default_product_list_bypv.php must be updated!).
  • Conversion of special characters to HTML entities in userfield's description injected into "title" attribute of field in the checkout.
  • Reworked the form to change the user when an administrator is logged.
  • Removed @import from CSS scripts (each CSS script is now loaded into webpage independently).
  • Removed the unnecessary (empty) CSS script layout_vertical_responsive.css.
  • Adjusted fields in the plugin's configuration by Joomla! 3.x standard.
  • Minor changes in translations.
  • Minor changes in HTML and CSS related to the Product Name in the Product List.
  • Fixed automatic choice for shipment and payment in the checkout (by VM configuration).
  • WARNING: This version has not been tested on previous versions of Joomla! (2.5) and VirtueMart (2.0 and 2.6) and may not be fully functional!!!
1.20.6Free2017-12-15 12:21
  • Fixed a wrong prices of shipment, payment and total in payment currency in the product list when a currency in a shipment / payment is different from the default vendor currency (VM3).
  • Fixed removing of coupon code from the cart in the VM2.
1.20.5Free2017-12-05 21:42
  • CHANGES IN LAYOUTS: default_coupon_code_bypv.php, default_login_bypv.php, default_order_summary_bypv.php, default_product_list_bypv.php
  • Fixed and enhanced autocomplete feature for the form in the checkout.
1.20.4Free2017-11-27 11:04
  • Added feature for removing the discount coupon from the cart.
  • Fixed an error when logging in to multilingual sites (it happened only in some specific cases).
  • Fixed a bug in reinitialization of a field with coupon code if the field was placed in the page.
  • Fixed behaviour of Loading Overlay layer in some specific cases.
1.20.3Free2017-10-10 15:37
  • Fixed saving of a customer number into an order when the number is changed during ordering.
1.20.2Free2017-10-09 19:59
  • Internal changes in procesing of Joomla! messages (this has fixed some minor bugs when messages appears).
1.20.1Free2017-09-22 14:34
  • Fixed an error "Too many redirects" in Joomla 3.8 on the confirmation page of checkout when the plugin's option "Use unique URL for a every step" is enabled.
1.20.0Free2017-09-20 23:26
  • CHANGES IN LAYOUTS: default.php, default_address_fields.php, default_coupon_code_bypv.php, default_order_summary_bypv.php, default_product_list_bypv.php
  • Added a new option [Shopper Fields -> Allow validation forms by a web browser (JS)] to validation of required fields in browser via JS code (before submiting form to a server). Invalid fields are highlighted (can be easily customized with CSS). Default Setting = "Yes"!
  • Enhanced autocomplete behaviour for form fields in modern browsers. Default setting is "off" for all fields in the checkout (especially for number of products, coupon code, etc., where this feature is not needed).
  • Added a new option [Shopper Fields -> Allow autocompleting forms by a web browser (HTML5)] to allowing of autocompletion for a specific address and contact fields. Default Setting = "Yes"!
  • Enhanced CSS styles for some of new fields in HTML5 (email, password, date, etc.).
  • Fixed a JS error during submitting checkout in Firefox.
1.19.0Free2017-09-02 13:24
  • Added support for deleting a shipping address directly on the checkout page (can be disabled in the configuration of the plugin).
  • Added support for updating fields 'username' and 'name' via 'Autofill hidden fields' feature.
  • No "Continue Link" button is displayed if target url is the cart (checkout) itself.
  • Changed logout action from ajax request to normal request with refreshing of the page (more suitable for restoration of modules around).
  • Fixed a problem with filling values into form fields when using some specific plugins.
  • Fixed check of duplicated values in unique fields when using the 'Autofill hidden fields' feature.
  • Updating address data in the cart after change in user's account.
1.18.5Free2017-07-13 23:25
  • Fixed a problem with endless redirection when confirming an order if SEO is enabled in a language other than English.
1.18.4Free2017-03-14 10:40
  • Full refresh of the checkout page after log-in of a customer during ordering.
1.18.3Free2016-12-30 01:50
  • Fixed an error during registration of customer after ordering on multilanguage site (>= Joomla! 3.5.0).
1.18.2Free2016-10-24 16:58
  • Fixed an another minority issue with loading translations.
  • Translated missing constants for German translation.
1.18.1Free2016-10-21 18:52
  • Improved loading of translations. The default behavior in Joomla! loads either a translation from /languages (if any exists) or a default translation of plugin. The plugin now loads always a default translation of the plugin and then a translation from /languages (if any exists). This makes possible to preserve only changed constants in a custom translation. The file is a more clear and it's not necessary to check whether a new constant has been added after the update of the plugin, because a default value will be used.
  • Fixed a bug in Joomla! with reloading translation in the case of changing the language on the frontend (in certain cases).
  • Fixed an issue with loading of translates other than English in Joomla! 3.6.3.
1.18.0Free2016-10-14 14:32
  • Added option "Checkout -> Allow empty cart" for display a button to empty a whole content of the cart at once.
  • Added option "Product List -> Update product quantity promtly" for automatic update of products in the cart immediately after change of quantity.
  • Changed link "Continue Shopping" to a button.
  • The check of stock level for products when changing the quantity in the checkout was moved to better place in the plugin (it solves a problem of not displaying warning when using some other third-party extensions in the VM3).
  • Fixed storing of newly created delivery address in the checkout (a problem has occurred especially in combination with some other third-party extensions in VM3).
  • In the case of append product into cart from a module (on the page with OPC) was removed one unnecessary call with update of module with cart (VM2).
  • Fixed freezing of Loading Overlay layer over the list of products in some situations.
  • Fixed refresh of checkout content when a product is added into cart from a module on the page with OPC (VM3).
  • Fixed problem with the pre-selected delivery address after logging of a customer whose cart has been saved during a previous visit to DB (VM3).
1.17.8Free2016-08-11 20:27
  • When an order is submitted the plugin saves a customer in VirtueMart again for sure (this can be useful for resolving of some problems with customer number, etc.).
1.17.7Free2016-06-07 23:32
  • Fixed an error on servers with PHP 7 (removed an unnecessary code that was ignored in PHP 5).
1.17.6Free2016-05-26 17:59
  • Fixed missing message in VM3 if product's quantity in the cart exceeds product's stock.
  • Fixed some typos in the Czech and Slovak translation (+ change of the label for returning/registered customer).
1.17.5Free2016-03-08 14:12
  • Fixed an checkout error and list of customer's fields for logged customers if the option "Allow login when ordering" is disabled.
  • Update of the Slovak (Czech) translation for Administration.
1.17.4Free2016-01-13 12:27
  • Added option to the configuration of the plugin to change style of Loading Overlay (a layer covering blocks while communicating with server) when a layer is showing and hiding.
  • Improved behavior of the Loading Overlay when a block is resized or a content of block is changed.
  • Display of Loading Overlay on another blocks when number of product is changed or a value of customer field is changed.
  • Internal changes when validate shipment and payment (invalid value remains in the cart).
1.17.3Free2015-12-02 14:42
  • Changed language constants for labels of prices EXCL. VAT in layouts default_product_list_bypv.php and default_order_summary_bypv.php.
  • Added a translation of admin interface (the Czech variant) for the Slovak language.
1.17.2Free2015-11-26 21:05
  • Fixed a bug in the VirtueMart - when a customer has changed the name and email through the profile page of Joomla!, the data have not been updated in a cart.
  • Fixed a bug in the evaluating of conditions in the OPC feature "Conditional display of fields."
  • Internal change in the description of the plugin.
1.17.1Free2015-11-07 18:53
  • Fixed "minimal amount" condition in discount coupons for VirtueMart <=
1.17.0Free2015-10-20 18:35
  • Added Slovak translation.
  • Fixed some bugs in the functionality "Remember fields".
  • Fixed some bugs regarding the customer's address.
1.16.3Free2015-10-01 18:41
  • Fixed removing the last product from the cart (the checkout was not redrawn).
1.16.2Free2015-09-25 13:25
  • Added a support for the "Change Shopper" form in the checkout for administrators of the VirtueMart (this feature must be enabled in the configuration of the VirtueMart).
1.16.1Free2015-08-17 12:57
  • Fixed bugs in the plugin configuration for some of older versions of Joomla and VM.
  • Improved patch for the component "VM Bonus" (a login issue in the cart).
  • Fixed a error message when a customer registers with disabled shipping address in the plugin.
1.16.0Free2015-07-02 23:59
  • Fixed an order confirmation in the VirtueMart
  • Fixed a minor bug with processing of checkboxes if the option "Remember fields" is enabled.
1.15.11Free2015-07-02 15:37
  • Fixed a problem with ajax requests on some of the free hostings.
  • Fixed fields of type multiselect in the configuration of the plugin on Joomla 2.5.x + VirtueMart 3.x.
1.15.10Free2015-06-16 16:39
  • Fixed a minor problem with a redirect in the checkout with a some of shipping/payment third party methods.
1.15.9Free2015-05-27 16:44
  • Added support for multiple values in the condition to display fields.
1.15.8Free2015-05-26 19:20
  • Fixed "saving cart" feature in the VM3.
  • Fixed redirect from User Account page (in the frontpage).
1.15.7Free2015-05-25 21:34
  • Fixed a problem with reload of states in the Checkout.
1.15.6Free2015-05-14 11:17
  • Fixed a minor bug with default value for "Shopper Fields -> Tracking of changes" option after installation of the plugin.
  • Added a default style (CSS) for checkboxes and radio buttons in the Checkout.
1.15.5Free2015-05-02 12:24
  • Fixed bug with refresh of cart page when "SEO Disabled" option (in the configuration of VirtueMart) is enabled.
1.15.4Free2015-05-01 17:20
  • Fixed functionality of AutoSave feature in the VirtueMart 3 (when a customer logs in / logs out through checkout's login dialog).
1.15.3Free2015-04-30 11:47
  • Fixed preview values of shopper fields on the confirmation page.
1.15.2Free2015-04-29 13:17
  • Fixed a minor bug when "Remember fields" option is activated.
1.15.1Free2015-04-28 19:20
  • Added a new feature for conditional display of shopper fields (Shopper Fields tab). This setting is useful, for example, to display information about a company only on demand (for example, when a checkbox "Is Company" is checked).
  • Fixed saving / loading values when the "Remember fields" option is enabled.
  • Fixed language constant in Order Summar layout.
  • Fixed possible PHP Notices in Product List and Order Summary layouts.
  • CHANGES IN INTERNAL FILES (information for customers using overridden scripts):
  • Layouts (default_product_list_bypv.php, default_order_summary.php - fixed PHP Notices, default_address_fields.php - support for conditional display of shopper fields)
1.15.0Free2015-04-22 01:17
  • Added a new option into configuration of the plugin for hide shipping address form when selecting of a specific shipments (Checkout Appearance tab).
  • Added a new feature for validation of Joomla fields (E-mail and Username) immediately after entering a value (the feature can be turned off in configuration of the plugin (Shopper Fields tab).
  • Added optional column into Product List with Unit Price incl. Tax.
  • Added a new option into configuration of the plugin for display zero amounts in product list and order summary (Product List -> Show zero amounts, default value = Enabled).
  • Changed way of detection discounted product for correct display of Original and Discounted prices.
  • Removed language constant for "Total excl. Tax" (replaced with language constant "Total" from VirtueMart) - better for shops without VAT calculation defined.
  • Changed way of display amounts in product list and order summary (now it's independent on the Show Price option in the prices configuration of the VirtueMart; the Rounding Digits option still affects appearance of amounts, but we have improved behaviour of these options).
  • CHANGES IN INTERNAL FILES (information for customers using overridden scripts):
  • Language files (new constant for "Price incl. Tax" and "Ship To Not Needed")
  • Layouts (default_product_list_bypv.php - support for Price incl. Tax, default_shipping_address_bypv.php - hiding of shipping address)
  • CSS (styles for Price incl. Tax)
1.14.2Free2015-04-09 18:37
  • Fix for servers with no support for json requests with suffix ".json" (only when SEF with Suffix is enabled).
1.14.1Free2015-04-05 11:21
  • Fixed compatibility with templates using Helix framework.
  • Removed internal keyword in the popup dialog after adding of a product into cart.
1.14.0Free2015-04-03 17:44
  • Improved method of generating responses and detecting changes (this change significantly improves support for third-party extensions, which changes the content of the page).
  • The plugin sends headers for disable caching of page in the browser.
  • The plugin empties the cart after sending the order (this should be done in VirtueMart's payment plugin, but not every plugin is doing it).
  • Added a new layout for cart page (Vertical 2 - block with address is displayed prior to blocks with shipments and payments without need of overriding of layout script).
  • Fixed loading CSS for VM Bonus component (third party extension).
1.13.0Free2015-03-24 19:45
  • Added detection of change language on the site (for example, after log in user with language set in their profile). After change of language a page will be refreshed.
  • Changed way of call ajax requests (this fixes problems with special characters in forms, reduces number of redirects on multilanguage sites and avoids some of the problems with caching).
  • Improved a compatibility with VM Bonus component.
  • Fixed loading of correct language file from the VirtueMart (for site) after calling some of the actions.
  • Fixed bahaviour of the plugin on the confirmation page when products are changed (for example, when adding new products through the module on the side of a page).
  • Fixed PHP messages (Notice and Strict Standards).
1.12.0Free2015-03-21 16:01
  • Improved way to detection of changes in a product list (or order summary).
  • Added compatibility with 3rd Party extensions VM Privacy and VM Bonus (must be enabled in the configuration).
  • Fixed a problem in VirtueMart with refresh of the page OrderDone (prevention of resend the order).
  • Fixed a problem with an infinite redirection of the cart page when options "Use unique URL for a every step" (Plugin Configuration) and "Adds Suffix to URL" (Global Configuration of Joomla) are enabled.
  • Improved responsible CSS for mobile devices with very low resolution.
1.11.2Free2015-03-13 12:40
  • Fixed processing of deprecated requests (URL with "view=pluginresponse") in payment methods in the VM3.
1.11.1Free2015-03-05 17:13
  • Added option "Use unique URL for a every step" in the configuration of the plugin (Advanced Settings tab) for identifying of steps (confirmation and ordered) in the order process by unique URL.
1.11.0Free2015-03-02 16:48
  • Fixed hidden errors in the JavaScript code during Ajax requests - this fixes the issues with using the Chosen plugin for jQuery, with loading States in the shipping address and some other bugs in third-party plugins (shipments, payments, userfields, etc.).
1.10.1Free2015-02-10 00:28
  • Changed the language constant for UserName in the login dialog from JGLOBAL_USERNAME to COM_USERS_LOGIN_USERNAME_LABEL (this is default constant in the Joomla Login Dialog).
  • Improved control of multivalued options in the configuration of the plugin for Joomla 2.5.x (used plugin "chosen" for jQuery).
1.10.0Free2015-02-08 13:42
  • Added new options in the configuration of the plugin for hiding of shopper fields (with optional autofilling of the values) in the checkout.
  • Saving frontend language into user account when a customer makes a registration through checkout.
  • Fixed values of checkboxes on the Confirmation page in VirtueMart 3.x.
  • Fixed labels for the values "Total incl. Tax" in the configuration of the plugin (Product List -> Section 'Prices').
  • Fixed responsive design of hidden columns in the product list and order summary.
  • CHANGED LAYOUTS default_product_list.php AND default_order_summary.php!!!
1.9.2Free2015-01-26 21:08
  • Fixed error in configuration of the plugin in VirtueMart 3.0.3.
  • Added CSS script custom.css for custom modifications of the checkout (must be enabled in configuration of the plugin).
1.9.1Free2015-01-22 21:21
  • Added support for third-party plugins working with the page content (including redrawing the page using ajax).
  • Minority changes in CSS scripts.
  • Improved desriptions for some of options in the configuration of the plugin.
  • Minor improvements in the appearance of the configuration interface.
1.9.0Free2015-01-13 13:42
  • New parameter in the configuration of the plugin for separation of the order summary from product list to the end of the page.
  • Improved responsive CSS (all information are now clearly presented even on small displays).
  • Optimization of some parts of the plugin.
1.8.1Free2015-01-04 18:58
  • Changed parameter for responsive CSS from MEDIA value to Yes/No value. Media arguments are written directly in the CSS scripts and the change is in combination with overrided CSS much simpler.
  • Improved responsive CSS.
1.8.0Free2014-12-28 14:07
  • New options in configuration of the plugin for detailed setup of the customer type form (enable/disable login, registration or guest type).
  • New option in configuration of the plugin for tracking changes in specific shopper fields (default: ZipCode, Country).
  • Enhanced configuration of the plugin.
  • Fixed descriptions of some parameters in configuration of the plugin.
1.7.2Free2014-12-22 12:48
  • Fixed bug with save of the address when registering of a new customer.
  • Added auto-refresh of the cart when State field is changed.
1.7.1Free2014-12-15 12:59
  • Fixed bug with automatic selection of shipment or payment method (the automatic selection of methods can be turned on in the configuration of the VirtueMart).
1.7.0Free2014-12-08 17:27
  • Fixed bugs when setting the miminum order amount (similar error occurred also in coupons).
  • Fixed display of names for Shipment and Payment in Product List.
  • Added functionality for overload CSS and JS scripts in the templates (/templates/{YOUR_TEMPLATE}/{css or js}/plg_system_opc_for_vm_bypv/{filename of overloaded script from the plugin}).
  • Optimization of some internal functions.
1.6.5Free2014-11-29 14:01
  • Fixed saving of the billing address for the users registered through Joomla registration.
1.6.4Free2014-11-25 13:07
  • Fixed missing Title in the order_done layout in the VM 2.x.
  • Fixed Confirm Page with Advertisment block displayed in the Horizontal Layout CSS.
1.6.3Free2014-11-16 16:10
  • Added support for modification of Customer Fields by the 3rd party plugins (PayPal Express, etc).
  • If a language constant for a block title is empty -> the block title (html header) will not displayed.
  • Moved Advertisment block above Customer Type block.
  • Fixed display of block with external modules if no module is assigned to the template position.
1.6.2Free2014-11-12 21:52
  • Fixed automatic selection of shipment and payment.
  • Fixed error during registration of customers if user activation is enabled.
  • Fixed CSS for product names with no images.
1.6.1Free2014-11-08 14:28
  • Added compatibility for VM >= 2.9.9.
  • Fixed validation message for TOS.
  • Fixed error in the older VM (2.0.x).
1.6.0Free2014-11-07 23:55
  • Fixed compatibility with VirtueMart 3 (>= 2.9.9e).
  • Minority changes in CSS scripts.
1.5.1Free2014-10-22 15:29
  • If an interruption occurs (from any extension) when you send the checkout form, the submit button is enabled again.
1.5.0Free2014-10-18 19:18
  • Internal changes in validation of the cart (fixes wrong behaviour in some special payment methods - for example PayPal Express Checkout).
  • Better detection of changes in the block with shipment and payment methods.
  • Added configuration parameters to fix shipment and payment methods incompatible with refresh through ajax.
  • Fixed paths to the background images in OPC theme "Joomla 2.5 Beez + VirtueMart 2.0 Default" if Joomla instalation is in a subfolder.
  • Fixed product name in the responsive CSS script.
  • Fixed error "Empty Cart" if the quantity column is not showed in the product list.
  • Precaution against display TOS during loading cart (hidden via CSS).
  • Fixed missing values in product table for shipments and payments in columns "Price excl. Tax".
  • Fixed removing of a product from the cart if the column with quantity is not displayed.
  • CHANGED LAYOUTS (please update your overrided layouts for proper functionality of the plugin):
  • default_methods.php, default_payments_bypv.php, default_shipments_bypv.php, default_product_list_bypv.php
1.4.7Free2014-07-20 16:17
  • Fixed remembering of the form fields when PHP configuration "magic_quotes_gpc" is turned on.
  • Added language constants for parameter "Show coupon code in" in the plugin configuration (EN, CS).
1.4.6Free2014-07-19 21:14
  • Added new layout "Vertical (One Column)" for very narrow pages.
1.4.5Free2014-07-18 11:36
  • Prevention from submitting an order twice (JavaScript solution).
1.4.4Free2014-07-11 17:56
  • Fixed functionality when using the AceSEF extension.
1.4.3Free2014-06-30 12:24
  • Fixed php notice messages in additional calculation rows (tax per bill, price modifier before/after tax, etc.).
1.4.2Free2014-06-20 19:26
  • Fixed CSS for fieldsets in WebKit browsers.
  • Fixed php NOTICE messages for field TOTAL_CURRENCY.
  • Added more CSS classes into templates and improved CSS scripts.
  • Minority changes in base CSS layout.
1.4.1Free2014-05-16 12:04
  • Found and fixed php NOTICE messages
1.4.0Free2014-04-15 16:24
  • FIXED IN VM: Fixed bug with load of the user data in VirtueMart if two and more default values are set in Shopper Fields configuration
  • Field of type "password" has been removed from saving to HTML storage
1.3.3Free2014-04-14 20:01
  • Correction of the condition for logout of customers after sending the order if the user-activation feature is enabled
1.3.2Free2014-04-11 15:05
  • Bad URL for refreshing VM module with Cart
  • A minor change in CSS style for reset of layout
1.3.1Free2014-04-10 13:11
  • Added support of HTML code for plugin params Shipment Info and Payment Info (+ related changes in template default_methods.php and theme CSS)
  • Added cover tag with unique class name to the groups of shopper fields for better possibilities in style of the checkout
1.3.0Free2014-04-07 21:13
  • Fixed URL for ajax requests on the website in subfolder
  • Improved CSS styles for reset of layout
1.2.3Free2014-04-06 17:51
  • Changes in the program code for support of PHP 5.2
  • Added CSS styles (in layout__base.css) for reset of layout of some important tags and classes in order to preserve appearance of the Checkout after installation in templates with very general styles
  • Minority changes in CSS styles of themes
1.2.2Free2014-03-12 16:39
  • Changes in the CSS for the correct display of shipment and payment methods
  • Fixed refresh of external modules with different setting of parameter Menu Assignment
1.2.1Free2014-03-10 17:36
  • New plugin parameter "Module Chrome Style" for wrapping of external modules
1.2.0Free2014-03-10 15:16
  • Plugin parameter for insert external modules into the cart page (with optional auto-refresh feature)
  • Default value for plugin parameter "Plugin CSS Layout Responsive Media" is empty value
1.1.0Free2014-03-09 22:33
  • New plugin parameters "Shipment Info" and "Payment Info" for optional informational text in blocks with shipment and payment methods
  • Simplified template with shipment and payment methods
  • Improved CSS for shipment and payment blocks in theme MoWebSo: Shoplicious
  • Loading of shipment methods if customer type is "Returning customer"
1.0.2Free2014-03-09 14:49
  • New plugin parameter "Default customer type"
1.0.1Free2014-03-07 12:57
  • Minority changes in CSS
  • Added calculation of the Price without Tax for Coupon Discount
1.0.0Free2014-02-26 20:55
  • Initial version

This product is offered COMPLETELY FREE to registered customers under certain conditions and can be found in the Subscriptions section.

The extension is offered for free up to version 1.21.12 and then all versions older than 6 months.

  • For more details click on the name of a specific variant.

    • STANDARD (1 MONTH) product, documentation, basic support

      By purchasing this variant you get during selected time period:

      • access to product download (all versions released so far)
      • online documentation to the product
      • basic technical support to the product

      If you have already an active subscription to this product then a new order extends the current access period by selected variant.

    • STANDARD (6 MONTHS) product, documentation, basic support

      By purchasing this variant you get during selected time period:

      • access to product download (all versions released so far)
      • online documentation to the product
      • basic technical support to the product

      If you have already an active subscription to this product then a new order extends the current access period by selected variant.

Sales price: 43,02 €

According to the current legislation, VAT will only be charged on orders to the Czech Republic and to non-businesses (without a valid VATIN (VAT Reg No)) to the European Union.


The plugin overrides native One Page Checkout functionality in VirtueMart.

Main features

  • Fully adjustable product list (you can choose and sort columns and rows by yourself)
  • We have integrated our own smart solution for monitoring of changes in the case of dependencies between different parts of the cart (the plugin reacts on all internal conditions automatically - weight, amount, price of order, country, zip and more)
  • Added check of product properties when customer checkouts and confirms order (In Stock, Purchase Quantity Steps, Minimum / Maximum Purchase Quantity) = no more orders with sold out products (depends on setting in VirtueMart)
  • Added feature for insert external modules into the cart page by specific template position (with optional auto-refresh feature if content of modules was changed)
  • Added two-way data refresh in Product List and VirtueMart Cart Module (in side panel) if products or prices are changed + fixed bug in VirtueMart Cart Module if cart is empty
  • Added Plus / Minus buttons to product quantity with own JS functionality (fully works with step / min / max product configuration)
  • Added prevention from submitting an order twice (JavaScript solution)
  • Added custom confirmation page (after checkout page) for summary order by customer (confirmation can be turned off in configuration of plugin)
  • Support for user registration with the activation option enabled (if order is done, user is registered, but account is inactive)
  • Added optional static informational text for Shipment and Payment
  • Added functionality for remember values of user fields in address forms if customer leave checkout page and return back later (can be turned off in configuration of plugin)
  • Fully Ajax support (all of the features - product quantity, product drop, coupon code, shipment, payment, login/logout, shipping address)
  • Clean and simple templates which can be override and customized by native way of Joomla!
  • Included separate CSS for page layouts, page themes and additional responsive layouts (CSS can be managed in configuration of plugin)
  • Checkout process is still configurable by settings in VirtueMart + own advanced setting in Plugin Configuration (cols configuration in product list, hiding payment / shipment / shipping address / advertise / comment / etc., layouts and themes setting and more)
  • Full SSL Support

Common features and properties for all our products

  • The extension is free software licenced under the GNU/GPLv3.
  • The extension is easy to install through Extension Manager in the Joomla! and works out of the box.
  • The extension automatic checks new updates through Extension Manager in the Joomla! (an automatic installation of new versions through Joomla! is not possible for now - it's needed to download and install a new version of the extension manualy).
  • No text hardcoded in the program code! We use own language fileS for all texts which can be override and customized by native way of Joomla!.
  • No core hacks in the Joomla! code or in the code of other extensions.
  • The extension is fully compatible with all our other extensions!


We always test our extensions in the latest stable version of Joomla! and VirtueMart, so we always recommend to continuously update. The extension will probably work as well in older versions (at least the lower versions of this extension), but unfortunately it's not in our power to maintain and test all of our extensions backwards compatible with all historically released versions of Joomla! and VirtueMart.

  • Joomla!: 3.10.x
  • VirtueMart: 4.0.x, 3.8.x
  • PHP: 5.6.x - 8.2.x

Other requirements:

  • jQuery: 1.6+

Layouts and Themes

  • You can choose from different Layouts (different positions, margins, sizes, etc.) without need of overriding templates. We are still working on new layouts. If you have a good idea for a special layout please contact us.
  • You can choose from different Themes (different colors, font styles, icons, etc.). We are still working on new themes for great look of plugin in every website. We are focusing mainly on globaly used VirtueMart themes which we select by popularity. If you have or you know some popular or beautiful themes please contact us.
  • We plan to prepare many layouts and themes and you can create unlimited combinations from all of our predefined variants. Try now on our DEMO Websites!
  • Preddefined Layouts:
    • Vertical (+ One Column variant) - Recomended for narrow and long pages
    • Horizontal with panel (coupon, shipment, payment, comment) on the left / right side - Recomended for wide pages
  • Preddefined Themes:
    • Joomla 2.5 Beez + VirtueMart 2.0 Default - Recomended for testing purpose or for extending of the simple theme CSS
    • MoWebSo: Shoplicious - The design is inspired by the theme Shoplicious created by MoWebSo (external link)
  • Note: The visual aspect is purely a private matter and using custom CSS styles can modify the look as you please. In the case of higher requirements on design is always possible to use the functionality in Joomla! CMS that allows you to override the default template of the plugin.


Public websites for free testing of our extensions. The DEMO PANEL, which is placed on the websites, contains useful information and some of options from the configuration of our extensions to adjust their behavior.


  • Frontend preview with horizontal layout and theme MoWebSo: Shoplicious
  • Frontend preview with vertical layout and theme Joomla 2.5 Beez + VirtueMart 2.0 Default
  • Frontend preview with responsive layout and theme MoWebSo: Shoplicious
  • Frontend preview with responsive layout and theme MoWebSo: Shoplicious
  • Plugin Configuration in Joomla 2.5.x
  • Plugin Configuration in Joomla 3.x