EU VAT Solution for VirtueMart

The complete solution for the proper setting of VAT in accordance with EU rules for VirtueMart.

  • joomla 3.9
  • virtuemart 3.8
  • plugin: vmcalculation
  • plugin: vmuserfield
EU VAT Calculation for VirtueMart
2017-09-06 20:48

Changelog for „EU VAT Calculation for VirtueMart”

Actual version

1.1.22017-09-06 20:48
  • Changed behaviour of calculation by billing or shipping country value (now it's depends on a hidden VM config param 'taxSTbased').
  • Fixed an error with not loaded VMCart class.

Older versions

1.1.12016-03-09 13:04
  • Fixed a wrong calculation of VAT amount for shipments and payments.
1.1.02016-03-03 20:34
  • The VAT rate is now calculated even if the customer did not enter the country (applies to the calculation without restrictions by country).
1.0.02015-11-27 20:39
EU VATIN Userfield for VirtueMart
2020-05-11 11:34

Changelog for „EU VATIN Userfield for VirtueMart”

Actual version

1.0.52020-05-11 11:34
  • Fixed a problem with temporary redirect (HTTP Code 307) in NuSOAP library (this change only add support for redirect into NuSOAP library, but this is not a solution for problems with communication to the VIES server in recent weeks - unfortunately I can't influence it).

Older versions

1.0.42020-04-24 18:50
  • Fixed a minor bug when customer is vendor.
  • Fixed url for VIES service.
1.0.32017-09-06 20:49
  • Fixed an error with not loaded VMCart class.
1.0.22017-06-23 16:59
  • Fixed PHP Strict Notice.
1.0.12016-12-30 22:52
  • Show warning message for invalid VAT Number during each of the validation process.
  • Enhanced translates in descriptions of some userfield's options.
  • Fixed "deprecated" notices for NuSOAP library on newer versions of PHP.
1.0.02015-11-27 20:47

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The solution includes two plugins for VirtueMart (userfield and calculation) who cooperate in determine the correct amount of VAT in accordance with EU rules. userfield allows customers to enter their VAT number, which will be verified online through the web service VIES and the calculation assigns the correct VAT rate (or not) based on selected country and value in the VAT userfield.

Our solution can be used for trading with physical goods and for trading with services (digital products).

Only VAT payers in the EU take advantage of this solution and only for international trading in the EU! If you are not registered for VAT in the EU and you buy our solution, it's a purely your decision and you cannot to claim a refund for a subscription!

Main features

  • Easy configuration of VAT in the e-shop.
  • The only solution on the market that does not need to "misuse" customer groups in VirtueMart for its functionality and cleverly utilizes VirtueMart functionality such as own userfield and own calculation.
  • In the combination with our IP2C (IPs to Country) plugin that we offer for free, the correct VAT rate can be preset at the time when a customer visits a website.


  • Online verification of proper VAT number through the web service VIES immediately when submitting a form with the address or in real time (using ajax) when you use a suitable One Page Checkout plugin that makes this possible.
  • Verified VAT nr values are stored in the DB (cache) for future use without re-loading from the web service.
  • Optional check the validity of VAT number against the selected country.
  • Possibility to enter values of VAT numbers that cannot be validated through the VIES, if you are certain they are valid for the EU trading (after assigning VAT number to a trader can take up to several days before the VAT number appears in the public register VIES).
  • Optional configuration for permission to enter the VAT number without prefix and ignoring invalidity in domestic trading (in some EU countries - eg. in Italy - is necessary for trading at EU level to register VAT number in a special register and until this moment it's possible to use VAT number without prefix and only for trading domestically).


  • The easy configuration of VAT as in the case of a standard calculation of VAT with the only difference, when instead of the standard mathematical operation (+%) is selected the name of this plugin.
  • The selection of countries is limited to EU countries (easier setting and minimizes the probability of a mistake when configuring VAT).
  • Possibility to use in case of sale of physical goods and services (digital products).
  • Restrictions for VAT rates in accordance with usual conditions as in other calculations in the VirtueMart (according to shopper group, product category, country of customer, manufacturer, etc.).

Common features and properties for all our products

  • The extension is free software licenced under the GNU/GPLv3.
  • The extension is easy to install through Extension Manager in the Joomla! and works out of the box.
  • The extension automatic checks new updates through Extension Manager in the Joomla! (an automatic installation of new versions through Joomla! is not possible for now - it's needed to download and install a new version of the extension manualy).
  • No text hardcoded in the program code! We use own language fileS for all texts which can be override and customized by native way of Joomla!.
  • No core hacks in the Joomla! code or in the code of other extensions.
  • The extension is fully compatible with all our other extensions!